March 11, 2014

Koken portfolio

I'm trying out a new bit of software on my photography website called Koken to showcase a bit of a portfolio.

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January 7, 2014

New Year 2014 at Castle Hill

The Castle Hill Basin this summer so far is the greenest we’ve seen it, and the unsettled weather continued right through our New Year break with continual strong winds (up to severe gale for long periods resulting in quite a bit of windfall in the village, Thomas Bush, etc.).  However, it was a relaxing break, and we managed to get a great overnight camp in with the kids to the sinkhole above the village on Leith Hill.

Easy life
Looking north towards the gateway to Lake Pearson
Sunrise over the Torlesse Range Breakfast time
Nearly home Our new triangular deck table
Marshmallows on the campfire A bit of light reading
A very busy waterslide On the Hogs Back Track towards Waterfall Creek tarns Looking ahead into Waterfall Creek; only 800m up to the top tarn!

One thing I've had my eye on for a long time (it's been beckoning to me while I've been lounging in the afternoon sun on the verandah at The Doug) is a trip up to the tarns at the head of Waterfall Creek in the Craigieburn Range.  Ildica & I biked along the Hogs Back Track, stashed the bikes behind a beech tree or two, and headed off up the hill.  A great day out, with about 1300m of ascent overall over about 8 hours.  Surprised ourselves by not feeling too stiff the day after either!

Great views over the Castle Hill Basin Lower Waterfall Creek tarn Middle Waterfall Creek tarn
Surprising quantities of healthy alpine plants One of the upper tarns pointing the way back towards Castle Hill Village Above the main waterfall in Waterfall Creek
Looking into the main Waterfall Creek basin from the small rib near the lower tarn The view from our high point
Ildica at our high point of 1765m
The steep lower shoulder on the way up
Bigger map here...

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September 1, 2013

Where is everybody?

Three skifields in one weekend, Cheeseman on Friday, Porters on Saturday, and a fantastic day at Broken River on Sunday.  Everybody’s got the hang of the rope-tows now, and with only about 50 people at BR (and at any one time, probably half of them were sitting on the Palmer Lodge deck enjoying a BR lager in the sun), it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  I bumped into an old colleague from SunGard days who’s been a member at BR since he was a nipper, so he gave us a bit of a guided tour.  Couldn’t have been a better day out!  BR had a RiderX competition the day before, so the kids were enjoying trying out the competition track.

Father's Day at BR Father's Day at BR Looking good on top of Cheeseman
Enjoying a BR lager in the sun Digging a snow hole at the top of Cheeseman
On Cheeseman's T1 BR BR
Cheeseman Cheeseman Cheeseman
Cheeseman At the top of T2 at Cheeseman overlooking the Castle Hill Basin Cheeseman

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August 14, 2013

Miscellaneous Chch photos

Street furniture outside the currently-being-reconstructed Isaac Theatre Royal High on Huntsbury Hill The post-earthquake remains (basement) of the PWC building on Armagh Street

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August 5, 2013

Cub Camp at Raincliff

A weekend camp at Raincliff in South Canterbury included snow tubing at Tekapo Springs, a campfire, a visit to a Maori rock art site, a walk up Mt John at Tekapo, and Maori kite-making.  Fun all round.

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June 25, 2013

June 2013 storm

A funny feeling of déjà vu, given we had a big dump of snow in June last year too.  Sadly we didn’t get to be snowed in this year, but the kids were desperate to get up and play in the snow, so once the road over Porters Pass was open, we headed up to the winter playground.
Snowmen (and women) this way... Looking up to Waterfall Creek basin Anyone for a picnic?

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June 6, 2013

An aurora, a sunrise and some toadstools

A brief mention on the Aurora Australis Facebook page about potential visibility of an aurora from Christchurch's Port Hills was enough to send me up to the top of the hill at short notice on a dark Saturday night. While it was difficult to identify as an aurora with the naked eye, my camera had other ideas.

I also got up early the following morning to enjoy watching a beautiful sunrise looking the other way along Lyttelton Harbour before wandering up from Gebbies Pass to Packhorse Hut on Kaituna Saddle. The toadstools bursting out everywhere in the pine forest were very impressive.

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May 24, 2013

Finished woodshed & first ascent of Leith Hill

With help once more from Richard & Karen, we got the basic framework of the new woodshed finished one weekend, and another weekend saw the roof framework in place with the roofing tin on, with a little bit of tidying up of roof flashings the final touch.  Gives us about 6m2 storage on one side and 4m2 on the other side (which we’ll also use for undercover bike storage when we don’t have too much wood).  The new woodshed really complements the style of the house and it was nice to use a fair amount of left over material (the roofing tin, barge cap flashings, etc).

Ruairi & I also made a first ascent of Leith Hill west of the village, on a beautiful autumn day.

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May 5, 2013

Olympia Invitational Rhythmic Gymnastics

Evie's first rhythmic gym competition in 2 years (couple of earthquakes have disrupted things for us a bit), and she had a ball. Placed third out of twenty girls over three routines (free, rope and ribbon), and a little trophy for her endeavours! She was a little nervous last week, but it didn't show over the weekend at all.

Beautiful leotards by Ildica!

Full album here.

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April 28, 2013

Summer here and there

Looking after bunnies for friends, biking the Hogs Back Track, helping on a work party on the Dracophyllum Flat Track extension, swimming in Broken River, and stopping to smell the flowers...

Looking after bunnies for friends David getting some air on the Hogs Back Track Ruairi working on the Dracophyllum Track upgrade
Swimming in Broken River near Cave Stream with the McLarins

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