Scotland, Christmas 2014


After a long but relatively uneventful series of flights via Singapore (met up with the Reids in the open-air pool at the transit hotel in Singapore at 11pm which was very refreshing) and Heathrow (Terminal 5 building and staff both much more welcoming than our memory of the last trip),…

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Hanmer Rafting


Our friends the McLarins are part-owners of a white-water raft, and organised a great weekend in Hanmer for 3-4 families to take the kids down the Waiau Gorge.  We managed 3 runs during the day, with plenty of water and no raft spillages.  Also did a bit of biking in…

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The Bay Area

Golden Gate Bridge & a platinum sea

A work trip took me to San Francisco (for the first time) and fortuitously included a weekend for exploring! After wandering peacefully through Hakone Gardens on the way to catching up with old friends Mareese and Gareth from QUBMC days in San Jose, I checked out Big Basin Redwoods State…

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