National Lead Climbing Championship


E competed in the Youth Female C division of the 2016 National Lead Climbing Championship hosted by her local climbing club, the Flying Geckos, at the YMCA Climbing Centre. She maintained a solid 5th position right through from the qualifying climbs to the final in what was her first national…

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Routeburn Track & Fiordland


Relatively dry (for Fiordland!) family tramp along the Routeburn Track followed by a brief overnight and boat trip in Milford Sound.

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Climbing Camp


E & I enjoyed the Flying Geckos Climbing Club rock-climbing camp on Banks Peninsula climbing at both Panama Rock and Otepatotu crags, including spending some time on weed control projects in both reserves.

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We spent a great week away in Rarotonga with Ildica’s folks, staying in a house right on the beach on Muri Lagoon. Quite windy most of the week, this kept the temperatures down, but we still enjoyed plenty of kayaking and snorkelling in the lagoon, with a huge variety of…

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Sleepy in Seattle

Chihuly Glass

I was in Seattle, WA, for a work conference last week, and managed to squeeze in a few hours here and there to join the throngs of tourists during what I’m told was a particularly fine week of summer weather in Seattle (which everybody told me can usually be summed…

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St Martins School Production


St Martins School put on a school production every three years, and the whole school get involved, either as cast, ensemble, stage management, lighting, costume, make-up, etc.

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