Round 1, National Cup Series 2017

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E headed up to Hamilton with the Flying Geckos Climbing Club for Round 1 of the National Cup Series 2017, competing in the Female Youth B category (essentially 14 & 15 year olds even though she’s not quite 14). She qualified 7th out of 15 in the lead climbing section,…

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Hump Ridge Track

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We’d hoped for some slightly better weather for tramping the Hump Ridge Track in early January, but realistically, given the track is on the eastern edge of Fiordland National Park (famed for it’s inclement weather), maybe we should have been more realistic! We ended up glad we’d packed the cold…

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Training trip up Avalanche Peak

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Pretty much the only training we did for the Humpridge Track! Which, given my subsequent Achilles niggle, was probably not such a good thing… Relatively busy for a tramp in New Zealand, Avalanche Peak is a great day out, although it’s steep up and down, with approx 1100m of ascent/descent…

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National Lead Climbing Championship

E competed in the Youth Female C division of the 2016 National Lead Climbing Championship hosted by her local climbing club, the Flying Geckos Climbing Club, at the YMCA Climbing Centre. She maintained a solid 5th position right through from the qualifying climbs to the final in what was her…

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Routeburn Track & Fiordland

Relatively dry (for Fiordland!) family tramp along the Routeburn Track followed by a brief overnight and boat trip in Milford Sound.

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Climbing Camp

E & I enjoyed the Flying Geckos Climbing Club rock-climbing camp on Banks Peninsula climbing at both Panama Rock and Otepatotu crags, including spending some time on weed control projects in both reserves.

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