Summer Sailing

Been great to get the dinghy in the water a little bit more this summer, although I’m still put off by the amount of powerboats and jet-skis using the public slip in Lyttelton; never found the time to join up with Naval Point Yacht Club to use their slip. 🙁  We towed the dinghy up to Golden Bay though for Christmas and it was great to sail off the beach again, like I have found memories of doing in the same type of dinghy in the West of Ireland when I was a lad!

R also signed up with Pleasant Point Yacht Club to do a week long Learn To Sail course in the January school holidays with some family friends.  The training boats were a mix of Optimists and Firebugs, both plywood home-build simple construction dinghies.  The course included membership and use of the boats for the rest of the season and he’s enjoyed a couple of events back there since.

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